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Arrival and accommodation

Tromsø is an island with small distances and accommodation is easy to find.

After arriving by plane airport buses may take you to the city centre, but not to Sydspissen hotel, the venue 1. September. Taxi would be about 250 NOK.

Cash is not needed, credit cards are accepted eveywhere - exept in regular buses. We will thus provide bus cards for you.

We have reserved rooms in two different places in reasonable places with good, but different locations (hotel 1 and 2 below). Feel free to choose other places (eg. 3, 4, 5)

The map shows:

The venue 1. September: Sydspissen hotel - "the south tip hotel" marked with a red dot.

Gray field in the upper left is the airport. Pink field right across to the right (with a yellow tail =tunnel) is the University and hospital - our venue 2. September.

The cable car and mountain restaurant "Fjellheisen" is in the right bottom corner

Amaile Hotel marks the small, safe and cosy city centre.

1. Sydspissen hotel

This is our conference venue 1. september, located on the south shore of the island Tromsø. Budget prices. Rooms from 715 NOK included breakfast and free Wi-Fi.

Email frank.remman@uit.no for a room 

Find pictures and information here:



2. Amalie hotel

Small hotel in the city centre, close to the quay. Budget prices

Rooms from 995 NOK

Email frank.remman@uit.no for a room 



3. Clarion Collection Hotel With

The favorite hotel of visiting professors in our miljeu.

In the city centre, on the quay. 5 minutes walk from Amaile Hotel

Rooms from 1400 NOK. Book the room yourself via the web



4. Clarion Hotel The Edge

The newest hotel in town. In the city centre, on the quay. close to both Amaile Hotel and Clarion Collection With.

Modern Scandinavian interior, ceiling terrasse with a bar and a view..

Rooms from 1400 NOK. Book the room yourself via the web:



5. Tromsø bed & books

Budget option in two charming, small houses close to city centre (between Sydspissen and Amaile hotel). Writers house or fishermans house. This option offers a taste of the private, cosy Tromsø 



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