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Desentralisert legeutdanning


Flere ferske artikler fra Hellas og Australia presenterer erfaringer med desentralisert legeutdanning. Egne distriktsmedisinlinjer eller utdanningsløp, som i Australia, inspirerer for tiden undervisere knyttet til universitetet i Tromsø

'Primary health care and general practice attachment: establishing an undergraduate teaching network in rural Greek health centers'
This project report presents a Greek experience of setting up sustainable community oriented medical education. Crucial to this successful program was careful planning to potentiate the voluntary efforts of self-selected, multi-professional teachers for a large group of students annually.

'Choice or chance! The influence of decentralised training on GP retention in the Bogong region of Victoria and New South Wales'
Does a decentralised training model have a positive influence on the retention of rural GPs? This study from rural NSW, Australia identified cultural and regulatory influences, and also the roles of choice and chance.

'Rural Generalism and the Queensland Health pathway - implications for rural clinical supervisors, placements and rural medical education providers'
Will Queensland's landmark 'Rural Generalist Pathway' fulfil its promise to redress rural medical workforce issues? This review of the principles and implementation of the pathway, including challenges, will be of great interest to those watching from other Australian states as their own rural generalist training programs are rolled out.

The Queensland Health Rural Generalist Pathway: providing a medical workforce for the bush' Evidence joins policy in this background to the establishment of Queensland's Rural Generalist Pathway in Australia.

'Processes and outcomes for a successful engagement between a medical school and a remote Indigenous community in North Queensland, Australia'
Sustainable medical school-Indigenous community partnerships are possible. This Australian project report shows how.

'James Cook University MBBS graduate intentions and intern destinations: a comparative study with other Queensland and Australian medical schools'
James Cook University's School of Medicine was established with a mission to address the health needs of rural, remote and tropical Australia. Does early evidence on the first six cohorts' career outcomes support this?

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