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Practicalities and registration

We hope to keep the cost as low as possible and avoid a registration fee. 

Due to limited places, registration is done by e-mailing frank.remman@uit.no before 15. June 2016

The venue the first day will be in a low cost hotel with a great location: on the south shore of the island Tromsø - at Sydspissen hotel  http://www.nsdm.no/accomodation/cms/361

The second day we would like to show you the university campus (marked UNN/UiTø on the bus map below). Our mini-symposium will thus continue there.

Sentrum = City centre - 3 km from Sydspissen hotell, and about 4 km from the university and University hospital of Nortern Norway (UNN/UiTø on the map).

Buses are easy to catch and a nice way to see more of the island. Bus cards will be provided

Taxi is also a convenient option in Tromsø, but more expensive. Phone (include national code +47): 03011). 

The airport (Flyplassen) is on the west shore, across the island from UNN/UiTø

Bus map of Tromsø.

Bus no 33 from Sydspissen to University (UNN/UiTø). Departure at 08:24. Arrival 08:45

Bus no 20 and 22 for the short route from Sentrum to UNN/UiTø

Interactive map: http://rp.tromskortet.no/scripts/travelmagic/travelmagicwe.dll/?lang=en

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Nasjonalt senter for distriktsmedisin. Institutt for samfunnsmedisin, 9037 Tromsø. Telefon: +47 776 45 512