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Samisk helse

Aspects of health service in Sami areas

Better health service for Sami people has been lifted on the political and professional agenda for many years and from several sides. As a response on a situation with difference in health gradients between the northernmost county of Finnmark, where many Sami live, and the counties further south in Norway, government actions has been implemented since the 1960s to strengthen the Sami people. Since 1980, problems of under-utilization of health services and communication between health workers and Sami patients are brought into focus, and Sami spokesmen still claim that the health services do not ensure the needs of Sami patients. The literature concerning health services for Sami patients indicate an early conclusion that the existence of health services research in the fields of health care utilization among Sami is limited to a few studies, not very wide-ranging. Along with the lack of knowledge about results of governmental action following the political and professional concerns related to health services for Sami, research needs for this thesis were identified. The overall aim of this thesis is to explore empirically aspects of health services in Sami municipalities, and compare with other indigenous people.

This work is carried out in the interface between several fields and disciplines. It draws upon theory and research from political science, geography, anthropology, and health science. It is based on three separate studies.

  1. Gaski M, Melhus M, Deraas T and Førde OH. Use of health care in the main area of Sami habitation in Norway - catchhing up with national expenditure rates. Rural and remote heath 11 (online), 2011:1655.
  2. Gaski M, Abelsen B and Hasvold T. Fourty years of allcocated seats for Sami medical students - has preferenntial admission worked? Rural and remote health 8 (online) 2008:845
  3. Gaski M. A comparative study of strategies for recruiting indigenous people to become physicians. Nearly fifty years of preferential admission and support.

All articles summed up to a PhD degree: Aspects of health services in Sami areas. Published in ISM Skriftserie nr 124

ePhorte 2010/2043
EUTRO 7510.00062

Prosjektet avsluttet 2012
Prosjektleder Margrete Gaski

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